Michael:  We are incredibly grateful (I can't believe it still) for your help and patience with my case.  This will change my golden years forever.   Words cannot express my gratitude and your excellence in law for having achieved this victory.  For sixteen years, I have lost, time and time again.   It is grueling.  It is hard.  Today, I finally won, and I cannot express the kaleidoscope of emotions I have been feeling since we left that confining room.  I feel so happy (an emotion I rarely feel) that my sixteen year battle has ended.   Again, words cannot express the "feeling" of relief from this "tortuous" process....imposed on all mentally ill people.

Patti:   Donna, went out of her way to help me being a disabled single senior through very rough times. I can't say enough about her professional capabilities, a person who sees the true good in things. I know she's happy in the N.W., but I sure miss her here in Michigan.

Gary: She is a diligent caring attorney that wants fair decisions for all her clients regardless of what they may have been charged with. She works hard to insure that her clients get the best service she can provide

P.J. : Donna stuck with me for four years fighting for my Social Security benefits. She would not give up and knew what the weaknesses were and how to fix it. She knew what doctors I needed to see and how to document my multiple back, neck and chronic pain symptoms. It was a long fight but we won!annonymous: Donna is a tremendously capable attorney, who proved to be a huge comfort to me, prior to and during my disability hearing. With her exceptional preformance, we won our case! I have no doubt, without her skills and experience, I would not have won my case. Thank You, Donna!

Sean:  Donna has fought the good cause with me.  I chose to fight cases against the major rideshare companies to fix a wrong done to myself and YouTube subscribers.  She went the extra mile to make sure all the details were in place to fight these battles.  She even offered to give me gas money to get home, when she saw the financial damage these companies did.  Lawyers just don't do that, and I am grateful.

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