Personal Injury:

We advocate personal and workplace injury cases as a matter of pride.  All too often, insurance companies and lawyers will team up to prevent the necessary care you need, after being injured.  Many will seek to remove long-term care for a permanent disability or to sort out the best care necessary to restore full mobility or prevent scarring.  It is your right to be afforded the proper care and compensation for your pain and recovery.

​Criminal Defense:

Not all criminals are bad people.  Being caught in a "traffic trap" going to fast or a one-time mistake of drunken urination too near a public place could brand you for life as a criminal.  There are literally tens of thousands that served for crimes they didn't commit, and it is estimated 1 in 25 people on death row are innocent.  Whether it is a driving infraction, physical harm caused or a bad day leading to malicious mischief, we are here to see that you don't pay for it, for the rest of your life.

Foreclosure Defense:

Sometimes life can suck.  We lose jobs or have unexpected medical bills, and that can lead to being late on the house you turned into a home.  Our job is to help you keep that home, until you can get back on your feet.  We look for the mistakes banks make and use legal protections to make sure they never reach too far.  Let us help you in keeping your home.

Social Security Disability:

When you reach the time of your life to benefit from your contribution to society, or if you ever find yourself permanently injured, we are here to ensure your benefits are not diminished.  It is well known that even the smallest things can hold you back from the financial resources entitled to those whom quality.  Our job is to make sure you are not short-handed or removed and that you receive the full benefits entitled to you.  They are your right.


Not all of life's solutions are clean.  Sometimes, we need to hit the reset button.  There are many restrictions and limitations to filing bankruptcy, and you will need a professional to help you navigate them.  Part of bankruptcy is limiting the extent to which you can be protected, and our job is to make sure you retain as much of your assets as possible, while suffering the least financial limitation and widest coverage.  ​​

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