Our Goal

Our primary mission is to fight for those who need help.  Sometimes, life and bad people can take their toll, and we want to be the ones who stand between you and harm.

Janet Ridder, Legal Assistant
Janet has been with the practice for over a year and is the primary support for disability, also assisting with personal injury.  Knowledge rich with a passion for helping those in situations of challenge.

Our Strength

Becky Abbey-Heckt - Legal Assistant

Becky has been with our firm for almost five years.  She is the bankruptcy support staff person and also supports our attorneys in personal injury and disability areas.    She comes from a background in banking. 

Our Vision

Your Rights

It can be easy to fall for the lines fed to you by lawyers, police or judges.  If it feels wrong, it usually is, and our job is to educate you on your rights and defend them.

Who You Are

You are a human being, and if you are here, that means you probably need help.  The courts and services can be unforgiving and biased.  You are not a number.

We are just a cog in the legal system...  But we want to be the cog that breaks the clock.  We fight in a broken system to help those other lawyers take advantage of.  We are not your lawyers; we are your partners.

Philip Gibson, Support Staff
Philip assists with investigation, service of process, and helps with criminal defense cases and offers other areas of support.  He is a Navy veteran and has a background in research and development and flood and fire restoration.

Our Staff

Elaine Inos - Attorney

Elain comes to us from a career of 18 years as an attorney, after a tenure at The Law Office of D. Michael Thompson. She focuses primarily on family law, estate planning, personal injury and other civil litigation.

Donna Beasley-Gibson - Senior Attorney

Donna comes from 12 years of experience as an attorney.  Her focus is on helping others, and her practice focus areas are disability, veterans, criminal defense, bankruptcy, foreclosure and finance.

Law Office of Donna Beasley Gibson

Who We Are

We are a resource, a partner and your best line of defense.  There is a reason our clients trust us implicitly.  We specialize in multiple fields, and all of our associates are aggressive.