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Our Statement

I am tired of seeing good people getting the short end simply because they made mistakes or victims who never find justice in the court room. I opened my office to serve my family, friends and community and to make sure you get personalized, caring service in your time of crisis… and to fight for the justice you deserve

When life gives you lemons... 

            ...  We make them pay for the lemonade.

Our practice focuses in defending the rights and security of our clients.  We take pride in your protection.

Not all lawyers are cut from the same cloth.  We believe in partnering with our clients, not dictating to them.  Give us a call!


Our Services

If you ever find yourself in a courtroom before a judge and you're not a lawyer or getting married, it can be a very intimidating experience.  

You need someone on your side to make sure you get every benefit you are due. WHEN LIFE MESSES WITH YOU, WE FIGHT BACK.

Law Office of Donna Beasley Gibson